Stay at home actor mom of actor twins

I thought I would start a blog to address all the moms out there who live in the same boat I do. You are an artist or in the industry and you gave birth to children and your career is on hiatus. You don’t live in the city so taking the subway to see a show or do an audition is not an option. You don’t have family around so you rely on a babysitter when you can afford it. You have the need to be creative but everyone tells you to start a you tube channel yet you have no idea what the heck you would put on there and you don’t really have time. You attempt voice over work but find that the hours of 12-4am just isn’t ideal and you need your sleep unless you want to be a monster or zombie in the morning. So what do you do??? The answer is I have no freggin clue. The only thing I can tell you is that I am still searching.

As a city transplant and a stay at home mom the adjustment is difficult. Your social life is reduced to yourself and your children which God bless my children isn’t saying much. You go to classes and programs for your kids but also, let’s be honest, to make some grown up connections but you are just too busy making sure your children don’t kill each other or themselves that you barely have time to get two words out. And if somehow the stars align and you are able to strike up a conversation it is always how old are your children and aren’t they beautiful. There is never any real meat to what you can talk about. As a result you feel stifled and in some cases may even feel like you are losing braincells. And you very well could be because most of the music you listen to is sung by Elmo or Dora or on occasion the Cedarmont Kids. I am sure my brain cells are still there and are working hard but as to the number of them that are left.. well that is questionable. And on the flip side of all of this you are a mom and what a beautiful and wonderful thing that is. Especially when you think about those who want to be mothers and are unable to be for whatever reason. And on top of that you are a stay at home mom. You have the joy and honor of raising your children without having to balance a day job like many other moms. How lucky we all are!! Now that we know all this what do we do?? And how do we feed that part of our souls that is starving for something creative?? If I had the answer I would tell you but alas I don’t. I do find that doing things like acting out my children’s figures with separate voices and personalities (including British accents since some of the figures are British) and writing songs on the fly broadway style that involve praising my children for pooping or peeing (but it is good stuff because I sing it broadway style and my larger twin always claps afterwards) seem to help. I mean afterall if you are an actor like me and need an audience you have a BUILT in audience. Your children and they are so darn honest they will let you know if you suck. I am kidding really.  Kind of.

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  1. Ha ha! You captured it so well. How’d you do that?


    1. Aww thank you so much for being my very first follower!!!! I am sending you virtual confetti and a party hat!! I greatly appreciate the support. I think as moms we are all in this together so rock on fellow mom and please share it with your friends if you think any of it is worth sharing. 🙂

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      1. Go to wordpress reader, do a search for a topic, read other blogs you like. Comment, like and follow. This is how I got most of my followers, who are people interested in the same things as me. I wish you the best!


  2. Amanda Schumacher says:

    This blog is a great answer to (“what do you do?”). You will certainly be helping other moms (and Dads) through empathy and humor, whether they have twins (or not) or have worked in the industry (or not). Though your circumstance is unique, (I can only imagine the ways in which having twins is both rewarding and challenging) most joys and frustrations of parenting are universal (with the exceptions of the Joneses or on the other hand, families who really are struggling in ways we couldn’t imagine). What I mean to say is, your perspective is spot on, funny, and should be shared with a wide parental audience! Blog on!


    1. Oh goodness thank you a million times over Amanda!!! That makes me feel all warm and fuzzy 🙂


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