Potty Training Twins

Yeah I have no idea how to potty train my children. I have tried everything suggested on the internet from the naked to the waist down for several days every few months to the lets a play a game with the potty. And the famous Elmo potty video. Which is really terrific because my girls love Elmo but it did not help in the least. I have 3 potties (2 different types) and my favorite is the Summer Infant My Potty  (it has the cutest flush) But even a cute flush does not seem to lure the onto the potty. Perhaps to wear it as a hat but not to go in it. Anyway you name it I have tried it and guess what none of it has worked. So I decided to let you know that if like me it is not working out for you either you are not alone! In all honesty I may have started too young, but what does one do when their children are busy training to be nudists. I could not get a diaper to stay on them to save their lives (I even tried several kinds of tape) and with the constant removal of the  diapers I thought they must be ready for potty training. Ennnhhh. Wrong. Completely wrong. I have tried training pants even underpants but all are a no go. Finally I just gave up and settled on pull ups. They really seem to love the pictures and we have special Cinderella ones for extra night time protection. They still poop and pee in their pull ups as if they were diapers but I already told them there were no more diapers left so I can’t go back on my word.  The hardest thing is that I am still trying to potty train them but at the same time I can’t get them to keep their pull ups on. So I have them in one button onesies or hand sewn onesies (I sewed the crotches so they can’t unsnap them) making it nearly impossible to get their clothes off if they even wanted to poop or pee on the potty. I think the funniest thing is that recently both of them have discovered how to reach up inside the leg of the one button onesies and undo the pullup and pull it back out through the leg. If you like me have this problem you are not alone!! I am  going all easy breezy with it all now. The potties are there so if I happen to catch that look in their eyes I immediately bring them to one of the potties to see if they will go. I am now of the opinion if they get it great and if not well they will eventually because we all did right.

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  1. Betsy Young says:

    Great idea for parents of twins to share


  2. Amanda Schumacher says:

    My son pooped his pants in class the first week of Kindergarten. (How ironic will it be when he’s a teenager telling ME that I’m embarrassing HIM?) I too tried everything and started when he was two years old and tried my best, by taking the advice of his pediatrician and reading books. (He had severe constipation not relieved by a strict high fiber diet) The only thing that did not help?: when other parents tell you to do it the way they did it because their children had no problem! “Yeah”, I’d think to myself, “already tried that” but nod and smile politely. Here’s to hoping your littles are completely trained before they turn 5, but if not, then you’re not alone!


    1. Yes here’s to that. And hooray for not being alone😊


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