Gumby and Preschool

So today I dropped my twins off at preschool. They were both carrying backpacks one with a butterfly  and the other with an owl. Do they need backpacks? of course not but did I want them entirely for the adorable factor? You are darn right I did. Anyway as I was walking them holding each hand because I knew if I let go they would go speeding in opposite directions like they always do I could not help but think here I am walking you to your first day of preschool and the next thing you know I will be walking you down the aisle. I mean not literally of course because I would be the mother of the bride and it is their father who will walk them but you get the idea. I tossed that thought aside and got them in the building. One wanted to race down the stairs and the other took about 3 minutes per step. Yep you see where this is going. I am still holding their hands so they don’t fall and well at one point my arms were so stretched out that I felt like that green and squishy stretchy guy Gumby. Do you remember him? I think he may have been from the 80’s maybe. At one point I thought one of my arms would pop out of its socket. Suddenly the other one broke away from me and ran into the classroom and the one who was smelling the roses taking her time in the way she always does well I simply picked her up off the steps and plopped her in the classroom. There was a long line that had formed behind us. I had to do something. Once in the classroom my littler twin (the one who had sped into the classroom) promptly through herself on the floor and began to bawl. The other one didn’t even notice me. I gave them a quick kiss goodbye and ran back up to the steps to my car crying all the way and then later at the grocery store. That’s right I was crying. My girls weren’t babies anymore they were little girls. Woh!!! When did this happen?? As I am writing this I keep thinking, but I’m not ready I’m not ready!! But THEY ARE. And with their speech development issues this is one of the best possible places they could be. My only hope is that they have FUN and well of course that they are nice to the other kids and don’t push hit kick or bite anybody. That would really suck. Fingers crossed!!

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  1. Amanda says:

    How is preschool going? It’s such a precious time. As long as no one bites them! All the little crafts and art they’ll bring home for you to keep. I always wished I could be a fly on the wall (for about a minute!)


    1. So far so good! And they are keeping their hands to themselves which is great!


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