Jackson Pollock and crib to floor-I mean bed

No I actually mean floor. If you like me have watched your child on the baby cam attempting to catapult his or herself out of the crib then you had the thought oh crap. It’s time to switch them to toddler beds unless I want to be taking one of them to the hospital. Screw what the internet says about waiting until they crawl out. I am not waiting for our child to do a perfect dive into a hardwood floor so toddler beds it is.” And then you think wow they are getting to be big kids now and what a special transition this will be-rough no doubt but a real milestone in their development. And kudos to you for your kids progressing so nicely right. Everything you read on the internet tells you give it 2-3 weeks for the kids to make the adjustment. Some of your friends or your kids speech therapist lets you know their kid figured it out in 3 days. I always have low expectations so I was hoping for the best…3 weeks. What you don’t read about is that with twins they may decide to terrorize each other now that they have FREEDOM. And that is exactly what my children have chosen to do. Again I return to the internet for answers. I find nada. Zilch. How can I stop the behavior? It is suggested to me to put up a gate. Well that went as well as expected. They breached the gate in about 5 minutes. The last idea was that I was advised to separate them if everything else failed. Not on your life!!! They are too little and they are twins and identical twins at that they NEED each other. At least I think they do and almost all the twin books I have read, with the exception of this one where obviously this identical twin doctor was a very angry woman about being a twin and stated we needed separate everything EVERYTHING. I think she needed someone to therapize her. Yeah no separate everything is not happening, but back to what I was saying the twin books say they need each other for comfort and security. Separating them is not an option. So what does one do when they are pulling each other’s hair jumping in and out of each other’s bed (mostly the bigger twin hogging the little twins bed), removing the mattress from their beds and sitting on the frame, jumping on their beds, launching their stuffed animals over their beds and then jumping down off their beds and basically running around their room with their hair on fire??? Did I mention sharing their poop with each other as they paint with it on their floor and beds? Who knew I was raising nudist Jackson Pollocks? So what do I do? Well since they are to young to apply to RISD the answer is I do nothing. I mean I clean up the poop of course. But yep I just let them run wild and do their thing until they tire themselves out. Hah! What the internet does not mention is that if you like me out of concern for the safety of your child decide to start toddler beds a hair too early (as in they still lack impulse control) they will never nap again. Which means no quiet moments for you. All the gloriousness of your kids sleeping in toddler beds with cute blankets and adorable pillows (that lasted a solid minute before those hit the floor) like little kids goes out the window. And you are confronted with the reality that your kids are superhuman and simply no longer require sleep. My kids are too busy bee bopping most of the night to what music I have no idea (clearly it is whatever they are sharing in their clever little minds) to even consider sleeping or napping during the day. And when they do sleep it is either under the bed or on the floor. Perfectly natural and I am sure by the time they go off to college they will no longer be doing this. So if you too have experienced this then remember you are not alone!!

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  1. Dana says:

    Wow, busy little bears, all this freedom. They have to figure out what to do with it.


    1. Lol! I know. After being put down at 8 they went to be about 30 minutes ago and of course this was preceded by them removing both mattresses and now they are both asleep on their own mattresses. Well I guess its a victory of sorts.


  2. Amanda Schumacher says:

    Wow, they really keep each other up! That must be exhausting! Let us know if preschool helps to tire them out a bit more. I seem to remember that preschool helped a bit with my son’s reluctancy to fall asleep. He didn’t have a sibling egging him on at night though. He finally slept through the night at age 3 when I read and implemented the idea from a book on the subject written by a child psychologist. It really helped! (me mostly). The book didn’t discuss the unique circumstance of twins, but there is a website where you can post a question. My son still dislikes going to bed. I think some children are just wired differently and maybe it will serve a purpose for them. Unfortunately, not for us! Hang in there, and if you can find the humor as you are doing, you can’t go wrong!


    1. I agree. Their dad does not like sleep much and I am super light sleeper. As far as Preschool goes so far it has not helped at all. Lol!


  3. Barb Disl says:

    Well my twins are 30 now but I distinctly remember you have to have a routine . Start early give them a bath lie down with them in the bed read them 3 books. Not one not 2 every night three books no discussion three books. Make sure the last book is really a quiet book lower your voice to almost a whisper make it monotone . And kiss them good night and tell them to stay in their beds and leave the room. Last of all have daddy come in the room kiss them good night tell them he loves them have daddy tell them he wants them to stay in their beds also . It’s not gonna work the first time it’s not going to even work the 20th or 30th time but sooner or later it’s going to start working .

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