A Fish Named Mr. Ba Ba

Why Mr. Ba Ba? Well even though they are young I teach my kids to always address adults with a Mr or Mrs followed by the adult’s first name. I mean I think most of us do this don’t we? And while Ba Ba is a fish and certainly not an adult he is an adult fish and therefore, in my opinion, falls into the adult category hence we have Mr. Ba Ba. But where does the ba ba come from? Well considering the fact that that is pretty much the only sound my smaller twin has it makes easy for her and the larger twin to call him by his name. Not that they ever say Mr. Or even call him Ba Ba though they are both capable of making that sound. They do not call him this because well they are almost 2 1/2 and are pretty much no verbal at least the littler twin is. The bigger twin has her moments where she tries to say things often using the wrong vowel sound but nevertheless she makes sound. And the littler twin does to but the sound is 99% ba and 1% M. Naturally I congratulated her on discovering the M sound. It was a very exciting time for all of us. And continues to be. So if like me your kids are almost 21/2 or at that age where they “should” be talking but they aren’t then you are not alone!! Admittedly it is tough to communicate with them. We have sign language (our own brand mostly because they really don’t imitate much especially the littler one she pretty much has one gesture for everything a hand waving). Yes the handwave! I never realized you could convey so much with a simple hand wave. You can say Hi, I love you, I am sorry, I am here so pay attention to me, I have to go am going or already went poop, I want music and so much more. Absolutely fascinating. And incredibly frustrating because most of the time I don’t know what they need or want. However, there is hope! Since we do have a gesture for “give me” I have figured out that if I tell them say give me when I point to what you want they do it. I mean they don’t say it of course but they point to themselves. Perfect! Who needs words?!? Well I do. I would like some from my children. I think when that day comes I am going to pass out. Some people have said oh you don’t really want them to talk because why they start you can’t shut them up. Great I say! I hope they are motor mouths just like their mom and I hope their curious minds ask a million questions a day. Their voices are going to be like a symphony to my ears and  I will never want it to end. I am going to take their words and wrap them around me like a warm blanket. My girls or tiny bears as I like to call them are smart I guess speech is just not that high on their list.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Amanda says:

    Oh boy, when it happens, yours will be one loud house filled with singing and chatter of all sorts. And I mean that lovingly because I know it will be music to your ears!


  2. Betsy says:

    They are loved and they love back.
    The speech will come when they are ready.


  3. Susan Hull says:

    Hi Marnye!
    Congratulations on your blog! It is very humorous and informative to those moms of twins who need a lift and encouragement to make it through the day without a meltdown. 🙂


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